May 11

New framework agreement for cross-border cooperation between Finland and Russia has been signed

The new framework agreement replaces the Agreement between Finland and Russia on Cooperation in Murmansk Region, the Republic of Karelia, Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region, dating from 1992.

Jouni Hakala, Secretary of State to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland, and Maxim Travnikov, Deputy Minister of the Ministry for Regional Development of the Russian Federation, signed the agreement on 13 April 2012 in Helsinki.

Aimed at promoting regional development on both sides of the border, the framework agreement supports the implementation of the EU's ENPI CBC (European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument, Cross-Border Cooperation) programmes across the Finnish and Russian border.

New funding mechanisms will not be created through the agreement. Sources of funding will include the ENPI CBC programmes and other possible EU sources, funding from international financing institutions and budget funding from central and regional government.

In 2007-2013, Finland's cooperation with Russia has been implemented through three programmes, the Kolarctic, Karelia, and South-East Finland - Russia ENPI CBC programmes. Total funding for these programmes amounts to around 190 million euros, with the EU, Finland and Russia contributing to the funding. For the Kolarctic programme, funding also comes from Sweden and Norway. 

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