Oct 10

Baltic Development Forum Summit 2011; 24-26 October in Gdansk

The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region was introduced in 2009 to address key challenges and untapped potential of this large region, covering about one third of the total area of the EU. To ensure that the Strategy succeeds in taking cooperation in the Region to higher levels, new ambitions and targets will  be discussed 24-26 October 2011 in Gdansk, during the 13th Baltic Development Forum Summit and the European Commission’s 2nd Annual Forum on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. 

This regional gathering will take place close to the famous shipyard where the political re-birth of the Baltic Sea Region began, spearheaded by the Solidarnosc movement.

The new regional ambitions will also play into Europe’s wider ambitions for 2020 under the headline of Sustainable, Smart and Inclusive Growth. Stakeholders are invited to take an active part in the discussions that will provide input to the Polish EU-Presidency and to wider reflections on the future development of the Region. Growth strategies need close partnerships with the private sector. This is the reason why we extend a special invitation to the private sector and re­gional businesses, including from Russia and other non-EU Member States, to participate in setting the agenda.

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