Nov 20

First grants of the EstLatRus ENPI CBC programme are signed and ready for the kick-off

During the Estonia-Latvia-Russia ENPI CBC Programme Conference on November 16 in Saint-Petersburg very first Grant Contract for joint cross-border cooperation projects were signed.

In total 25 projects initiated by the local and regional institutions of the involved 3 countries have been approved with estimated allocation of funding of 24 Million Euro under the 1st Call for Proposals of the Programme. These projects were selected from the total of 226 applications, which were submitted during the 1st Call.

The three priority topics of the programme are:

1) "Socio-economic development" - dedicated to development of border regions´s competitiveness through support to business and labour market development, improvements in communication, tourism as well as maintaining efficient and safe borders;

2) "Common Challenges" - addressing common interests in protection of environment and natural resources; preservation and promotion of cultural and historical heritage and improvement of energy efficiency;

3) "Promotion of people to people cooperation" - focusing on small scale activities performed by regional and local municipalities and civil society


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