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Nordic strategy for the people, environment and safety of the Arctic

The Arctic faces huge challenges, and the Nordic Council has issued a call for unity behind proposals for healthy and positive development in the region. At its theme session in Iceland, 22-23 March, the Nordic Council called on the governments of the Nordic countries to draw up a strategy for co-operation on the Arctic.

"The strategy will further enhance the status of Nordic Region as an enterprising and unifying force dedicated to the betterment of the people, the environment and safety in the Arctic," says the President of the Nordic Council, Kimmo Sasi.
The Arctic has long featured high on the Council's agenda. The time is now ripe for a strategy that looks to the future and is robust enough to enable the Nordic countries to exert greater influence on the Arctic Council and other arenas for political development in the region.  

The Arctic Council
An intergovernmental body that addresses Arctic issues. Members: Canada, the USA, Russia, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. 
The Northern Dimension 
In 2006, the EU's Northern Dimension (established 1997) was transformed into a partnership between the EU, Iceland, Norway and Russia.  They work together on issues such as the environment, health, finance, transport, logistics and culture.
The Nuuk Declaration, 12 May 2011
The Nuuk Declaration is the first legally binding agreement signed by the foreign ministers of the countries on the Arctic Council. It includes agreement on joint emergency services in the Arctic and on developing the Arctic Council into a dynamic international body.

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