Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Middle East Technical University (METU) is a state university founded in 1956, currently has about 23,000 students. 7200 students are enrolled in post-graduate programmes.  METU has 40 undergraduate programs within 5 faculties. Since its foundation, METU, asan international research university, has been the leading university in Turkey in terms of depth and breadth of international ties and the amount of funds generated from international research projects. METU actively took part in and managed numerous Med-Campus, MEDA, COST, Eureka, NASA, NATO, NSF, UN, World Bank, Jean Monnet, INCO, EUMEDIS, 6th and 7thFramework, Erasmus Mundus ECW, Leonardo and Socrates projects.

The Center for Black Sea and Central Asia (KORA) is a research center at METU. KORA was established in 1992 and has become a leading research institute conducting research on Caucasian, Central Asian, East and Central European countries. KORA initiated the establishment of the first and only post-graduate program in the field of Eurasian Studies. KORA’s research projects are initiated and conducted by its highly qualified staff that has wide regional expertise and intensive fieldwork experience.

Contact: Ayca Ergun, ayer@metu.edu.tr
Inonu bulvari, Campus,
 Ankara 06531,Turkey
Phone: +90 312 210 3051,+90 312 210 46
Fax:+90 312 2101284

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Dr. James Scott
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Project duration: 01.03.2011-28.02.2015
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