Nordregio, Sweden

Nordregio - the Nordic Centre for Spatial Development - is an international research institute with a comparative focus established by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Nordregio undertakes strategic research and competence development with a view to producing useful knowledge-based foundations for decision-makers at the international, national and regional levels.
Regional development, urban and rural systems, demography, governance and gender, innovation and knowledge, global climate change and local adaptation plus international energy policy are the institute’s major areas of interest – viewed, primarily, from a Nordic or broader European comparative perspective. Geographically, Nordregio focuses specifically on the Nordic countries, the Baltic Sea region, the Arctic, and on the European space more generally. The institute currently has a research-staff of 25 persons representing 11 different countries and speaking 13 different languages. In addition, Nordregio shall carry out and disseminate contract and thematic research, providing a relevant knowledge base for decision making to politicians and other authorities. The institute shall offer continuing education courses for administrators and planners and develop and update statistical databases. Nordregio shall, in accordance with its statutes, maintain and develop its role as a European and Nordic research centre.

Contact: Petri Kahila,
Phone: +46 8 463 54 24
Address: Holmamiralens vaeg 10, Stockholm 11186, Sweden
Fax: +46 8 463 54 01

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Dr. James Scott
Project manager
Ph: (+358) 50366 0653
Project information
Project duration: 01.03.2011-28.02.2015
Lead partner: University of Eastern Finland
Total budget: 3 386 700 €
EU contribution: 2 644 090 €