Ungvar, Berehove/Beregszàsz (Ukraine) - Nyiregyhàza (Hungary)


 The Hungarian-Ukrainian case study shall cover the approximately 200 settlements and about four major cities within the area accessible by car in 60 minutes on both sides of the border (Figure 1) Since this border is a heavily guarded border of the EU there are five border crossing points between Hungary and Ukraine. According to the most recent traffic statistics almost two million vehicles crossed the Ukrainian - Hungarian border between 2010 January and September. There is only one international bus and one international train line crossing the Hungarian-Ukrainian border.

The Hungarian region is one of the least developed regions in Hungary, the Ukrainian counterpart (80% of the population are ethnic Hungarians) is a remote and underdeveloped part of Ukraine.

Research team:

Responsible: Endre Sik, sik@tarki.hu

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Dr. James Scott
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Project duration: 01.03.2011-28.02.2015
Lead partner: University of Eastern Finland
Total budget: 3 386 700 €
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